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Drop off / Pickup Information

ALAMO SCHOOL Drop Off and Pick UP Procedures

A Safe and Efficient Drive Through Process

  • Use of cell phones is not permitted during drop off or pick up.  Drivers will be asked to end their call if observed using a cellular device.
  • Cars should be entering and exiting Wilson Rd. at a slow and safe speed
  • At no time is it safe to drive on the left side of Wilson Rd. while entering the school parking lot or to make a u-turn in front of YMCA.
  • Please pull your car as far forward along the curb as possible at both drop off and pick up times.
  • Once cars in the first lane have pulled out into the exit lane, all cars should pull forward. 
  • Please display your sign on the passenger side dashboard of your vehicle when driving through the pick up line.
  • Do not drop off or pick up in the second lane or parking lot.  Students are not permitted to cross the parking lot without an adult in direct contact with them. 
  • Thank you for staying in your cars at all times and allowing staff to assist you.
  • If for any reason you need to leave your vehicle, we ask that you park your car.  Remember we have a large parking lot behind the school.



  • Teachers will escort kindergarten students to the carpool area for pickup and assist students entering cars


Drop Off (1st-5th Grade)

  • All students will be directed to the blacktop/playground area where staff members will be supervising students from 8:20-8:35.  On rainy days, students will be directed to the MPR.
  • A bell will ring at 8:35 to signal students to line up in their designated classroom line up spots on the blacktop.  (These are the same spots used at lunch.)
  • Teachers will promptly pick up their students and walk them to the classrooms.
  • Please note there is no supervision prior to 8:20. 


Pick Up (1st-5th Grade)

  • Teachers will walk students to the carpool area adjacent to or in the MPR for auto pick up.
  • Thank you for waiting patiently until teachers have walked their classes out to the lines.
  • Students being picked up by autos will be directed to sit in rows by grade level. 
  • Please have your name sign displayed on the passenger side dashboard, pull all the way forward, and remain in your vehicle.
  • Staff will direct and assist students to your vehicle.
  • Please do not have your students meet you in front of the office.  There is no supervision in that area during this dismissal


Additional Points to Remember

  • Late students should report to the office prior to walking to class.
  • Dogs may not be walked onto campus during the school day.
  • Thank you for honoring reserved parking spots for handicap visitors, staff, and auction winners.
  • We are all working together to ensure a friendly and safe learning environment for children.  Please continue to sign in, feel welcome to participate in classroom and school wide activities and communicate regularly with administration and teaching staff to support your family’s needs.


Thank You for Your Support

Alamo School Staff

Campus is closed

Alamo School's campus is currently closed due to Covid 19 precautions.  Please do not allow your children to play on campus.  There is no supervision available