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Chocolate Milk Debate
Posted 3/17/16

The first article in each section provides a good summary, for those

students who will be using one “pro” and one “con” article.


Pro articles:

(P-1) Livestrong - Chocolate Milk Nutrition Information

(P-2) CBS News - Chocolate Milk:  The New Sports Drink?

(P-3) NDC - Flavored Milk FAQ

(P-4) (This is a group of pro articles, divided into 2 Dairy Council packets.)

(P-5) Fitness - Got Milk?  Try Chocolate After Your Workout

(P-6) University of Texas - Chocolate Milk Gives Athletes Leg-Up

(P-7) WebMD - Chocolate Milk Refuels Muscles After Workout


Con Articles:

(C-1) Jamie Oliver Foundation - The Hard Facts About Flavored Milk

(C-2) Life360 - 3 Reasons Why Schools Should Ban Chocolate Milk

(C-3) Civil Eats - Flavored Milk:  Superfood or Soda in Drag?

(Counter) Counter argument to Jamie Oliver’s con stance: 

The Lunch Tray - My Problem with Jamie Oliver's War On Flavored Milk?

(Talk to your teacher before using this advanced article.)


Both sides:

(P/C-1) USA Today - Schools may ban chocolate milk over added sugar

(P/C-2) Time - US Schools War Against Chocolate Milk

(P/C-3) LA Times - Articles About Chocolate Milk (a series of links to many articles on both sides)


Debate Website—a blog without sources, but good for thought! - Should Chocolate Milk Be Served In Schools?